Our Pastors are God’s chosen vessel to lead the church. They are God’s voice and authority in these last days. They not only shepherd and protect, they also command and conquer. God has called and anointed them for this purpose, to lead the church into the Kingdom age of victory and eternity.


Married couples come together to share in each other’s season of lives. Older saints teach the younger ones. There is an exchange of experiences and wisdom, sharing of pain and joy, a network that supports each other. All over the island, there are regular gatherings to strengthen bonds and reach out to others in similar seasons of lives.


Here, we learn to do life together. We learn what it means to exist beyond ourselves, to identify with our brothers and sisters and give to our world. Hyphens are in a time of their lives that has the most potential and power! But like a horse that needs to be harnessed and trained, Hyphens are equipped, taught and guided through making decisions that has the power to change the rest of their lives, such as career choices, marriage and family decisions.


Our youth live in a world with increasing pressure of conformity. From all angles, society tells them what they should be. In ROCK, we tell our young the truth – they are created for purpose and destiny. They are unique and wonderfully made. They were made for the glory of God. Through small groups, activities and services, young people from all walks of life come together to remember who they truly are – a group of young people Radical and passionate about Jesus Christ, One in purpose and belief, Committed to the vision and Kept to live a life separated and consecrated unto Him! Radically, Oneness, Committed and Kept.


Children are a heritage from the Lord. Like a quiver full of arrows, so is the children of our generation. Aged 3-6, the children are acquainted with songs and Bible stories. 7-12 years of age, they are trained and taught in the ways of God. One can never be too young to know God. Society today has left children with broken homes and situations undesirable. But the church can introduce them to a Father and Protector who will never fail them. They will grow up never doubting their value, uniqueness and the fact that they are greatly loved by their Heavenly Father.


Filipino Joy fellowship is a dynamic force. Leaving their homeland to settle down on our shores, many have given much to this nation and its people selflessly. Some have come here to find work, in so doing, they found a work greater than themselves. Filipino Joy Fellowship has cell groups all over the island. They are reaching their own people in a foreign land. While reaching out to others, they tirelessly equip themselves, some attending Purpose Institute, our school for ministerial training on weekends. Come and experience the community of worshippers transformed by the One True God for His utmost service!