We Are Tabjoy

A spiritual hub, an anthill of activity and constant innovation. A conquering force and a spiritual kingdom. We are Apostolics.

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What We Believe

We believe that the Holy Bible is the Word of God, it is forever settled in heaven and will never change. The past was established by the Word, the present exists because of the Word and the future will come to pass according to the Word. It is our goal to live according to the Holy Scriptures, executing its authority and seeing the Word accomplished. Read our faith statements to find out what we believe God has said about His Word.


'If we will help others build their church, God will build our church.'
– Bishop Richard Steven Willoughby

This is our proclaimation. TJ has sent mission teams all around the world to further the kingdom of God. These countries include East and West Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, China and India. From crusades, food distribution, leadership training, equipping of saints to setting up discipleship systems, saints at TJ have given willingly and freely to the call of God.

What Does It Mean To Be Apostolic?

To be apostolic means to walk in the ways and teachings of Jesus the way the Apostles did. They saw first hand how Jesus lived His life and they followed after Him. In other words, to be apostolic is to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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Our Strategy

We grow small in order to grow big. While numbers are important, so is the spiritual growth of every individual. When we grow an individual, we grow the church. 

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